Alpine - SPR 50C (5.25" komponentsett)

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Peak Power: 300 Watts
RMS Power: 100 Watts

Frequency Response: 70 Hz - 29 kHz
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Sensitivity: 87 dB/W (1m)

Woofer Mounting Diameter: 118 mm
Woofer Mounting Depth: 57 mm
Tweeter Mounting Diameter: 58 mm
Tweeter Mounting Depth: 19 mm

Power + Clarity = Satisfaction
SPR-50C - 5-1/4" (13cm) COMPONENT 2-WAY SPEAKER

Type-R speakers are engineered to deliver prodigious power while maintaining extreme sound clarity, for totally exciting sound. They provide high power handling, wide frequency response and a powerful bass kick. The Type-R series includes both component and coaxial models, both of which are highly efficient and provide good installability in a wide range of vehicles.

Peak Power: 300 Watts

RMS Power: 100 Watts

Frequency Response: 70 Hz - 29 kHz

Impressively Powerful Bass
Using some of the same technologies as the Type-R subwoofers, such as HAMR Surround for extremely long cone excursion while maintaining maximum control, these speakers deliver deep, muscular bass that gives your sound a powerful punch.

Superb Sound Quality
Type-R speakers employ many high quality parts and advanced designs, including a multilayer cone that is both light and strong, and a Linear Drive Magnet and Dual Gap Voice Coil structure that ensures maximum linearity for optimum sound quality.

Compact for Easy Installation
Thanks to a powerful, compact neodymium magnet, small network and slim basket, the Type-R speakers are much more compact than you would expect, allowing installation in the doors of a wide range of vehicles.

Wave Guide Focuses the Sound
Alpine has developed a Wave Guide for the cone to further improve sound quality. Mounted over the center cap, it prevents phase distortion of the sound waves from the diaphragm, and focuses the sound for optimum clarity.

Swivel Tweeter
Both component and coaxial models feature a Ring tweeter that swivels to improve off-axis response in less-thanideal locations. You can aim it by hand for best imaging and staging at your listening position.

Compact Network Design
The crossover network is 75% smaller than previous types, for easier installation in door panels. It provides four levels of tweeter adjustment so you can achieve best balance between tweeter and woofer.


Mer informasjon
Element type Komponentsett
Størrelse element 5,25" (13cm)
Impedanse / Ohm 4 ohm
Watt RMS kr 100,00
Produsent Alpine
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